Event 1: The Coming of the Conquerer

Unlockable: Robots!
10 XP: One of the robot duplicates was merely damaged, not destroyed. It can be used to aid the heroes in a future scene, a scene-ender in most cases.

Unlockable: A vision of the future
5 XP: You saw, heard or recorded some glimpse of your future life in Kang’s machines. On some future adventure, you can say that this is the moment you observed and retroactively declare that you took some action to prepare for it.


Kang. Conquered.

1 XP when you defeat a villainous minion of Kang.
3 XP when you learn a major revelation about Kang or his plans.
10 XP when you either capture Kang’s flagship or destroy it so it won’t alter the future.


1 XP when you first use a TEAM or BUDDY affiliation with a particular hero.
3 XP when you first assist another hero in fighting a villain or protecting civilians.
10 XP when you form a supergroup from assembled allies or give up the idea and decide to stay solo.

Event 1: The Coming of the Conquerer

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